Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Rooftop Reviews - Top Ten for April

Every blogger has something, like Google Analytics, which enables the blogger to track what people are reading. Some are just counters which list every “hit”, including spammers. Others are pinpoint accurate and display the actual physical location of who is looking at your site and when. That’s scary. Why would you even care?

I use a very simple version of Google Analytics; which simply means that I have forgone the “bells and whistles” which give all of that useless information. I simply want to know what the people who read this are actually reading. My site is “destination based”, which is a fancy way of saying only 21% of my “hits” are repeat offenders. That’s not bad considering the other 79% bump into my site when looking for information about a specific topic. That’s what is meant by “destination based”. I’m amazed that Rooftop comes up that often in searches. And; I have to admit; a bit proud.

I’m also happy that the “Top Ten" posts are split among so many different categories. There are 2 pieces about photos; one of which is mine. 2 pieces about politics; which I used to try and avoid. There is 1 travel piece; 3 posts about music; one about a movie; and of course I’m really happy that “It’s Only me” holds the number 3 spot this month.

So, in the tradition of the old AM radio stations which I still love so well, here are the Top Ten for April;

  1. “Candy Cigarette” by Sally Mann

  2. Obamas Secret Tax- Give Me a Break

  3. “It’s Only me” by Robert Williams

  4. The Vance Hotel – Statesville, N.C.

  5. “Foul Owl on the Prowl” – Quincy Jones  (1968)

  6. Disposal of the Quran

  7. Joe Seneca - Bluesman

  8. “The Seven Foys” with Bob Hope and James Cagney

  9. “Old Barns and Pianos” – R. Williams

10. “One Meat Ball” and other Depression Era Songs

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