Tuesday, May 6, 2014

"Zombie Wife and other Tales of Supernatural Law" by Batton Lash (2014)

Back in August of 2012 I reviewed Batton Lash’s highly unusual, and entertaining “The Monsters Meet on Court Street”, which was a new experience for me. That collection of tales was based on the premise that; monsters, just like people; need legal representation from time to time. Either for things which they have done; or, in response to the things people do and say about them. It’s a novel concept.

Now, Mr. Lash is set to release his new work, “Zombie Wife and Other Tales of Supernatural Law.” This one seems to be based on the premise that Zombie women; like their human counterparts; may have marital problems from time to time, necessitating the need for a good attorney. From the cover of this new collection I get the impression that Mavis, the shapely lawyer featured in the “Monsters Meet on Court Street” collection will be highly visible in this one as well.  Again; from the looks of the cover art; everyone involved will have their hands full; even the clients!

Mr. Lash has created a parallel universe with these collections. They’re kind of like the old Action Comics but in a very unique way. The old comics were all based upon the struggle of good versus evil. In this incarnation the stories are inhabited by people on both sides of the law who are compromised; either physically or ethically; making for some strange scenarios. But then again, in real life, attorneys represent humans who are so much more evil than the monsters depicted in these stories.

Another interesting thing is that he’s doing this release by using Kickstarter.com; the web-based program which was begun in 2009 and provides a means for people like you and me to fund the projects of artists and writers in whom we are interested. Another novel idea befitting of the alternate universe which Mr. Lash has created. For more about Kickstarter and “Zombie Wife and Other Tales of Supernatural Law” use this link;

And for a quick re-review of “The Monsters Meet on Court Street” use this link;

Note: As far as I know this is a one of a kind. It’s a Batton Lash “Yellow Submarine” from 1971. We served on board together for a couple of years in Brooklyn and he drew this one day. I’d gladly return it, but it has my locker combination written on the back…

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