Saturday, May 10, 2014

Patty Griffin - Tiny Desk Concert

Not much to say today, except enjoy this NPR Mini Desk Concert. Patty Griffin sings about things other performers don’t. With her fluid style of guitar playing she brings life to each song which she performs. If I had to compare her to anyone it would be Grace Potter or The Trishas. Both vocally and musically she is in that same category of folk-rock artists.

I like the independent artists featured on NPR’s Tiny Desk series because I almost always come away with a new song to play. Acoustic music is my favorite, mainly because I can play the stuff I hear later on. Most of the songs I enjoy can be easily played by even an amateur guitarist like me. That’s easy. The real talent lies in creating the songs themselves.

The songs which Ms. Griffin performs here are; "Faithful Son", "That Kind Of Lonely" and "Get Ready Marie",

Accompanying Ms. Griffin are John Deaderick on accordion; Dave Pulkingham on guitar; and Craig Ross on the baritone guitar.

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