Friday, May 2, 2014

Legalized Pot - Another Pawn in Their Game

The push to legalize pot in America has me worried. There are so many reasons why this is a bad idea, but everyone is too busy celebrating to really understand what they are getting into.

First, if you think marijuana is going to be grown organically then you are already too stoned. The marijuana cultivated in grow rooms is fed with all kinds of cancer causing chemicals which you would be well advised to avoid. If you do smoke pot, try this experiment.

Smoke some good old fashioned pot; the kind that comes in bricks and was grown outdoors. It’s cheap, but effective. You'll need to smoke a whole joint to get off. Do this for several days and notice that your lungs remain; for the most part; undamaged.

Now, try some of that Hindu Kush which is available at the Medical Marijuana stores and smoke that for a few days. Most likely you will have the beginnings of a wheeze. This is due to the high THC content, as well as the chemicals which went into the growing. You are basically inhaling fertilizer.

People I know have smoked sun grown, field raised pot for decades with no ill effects whatsoever, while others have been smoking the more exotic stuff. The ones who smoke plain old weed are doing fine. The ones smoking that skunk weed are not faring as well. From wheezes to throat problems, they are showing the strain of smoking "super-weeds."

Secondly, look at the states where marijuana is now legal. Along with that legality comes responsibilities. Among those responsibilities is the law in Colorado; and no doubt in other states as well; that smoking in your car, even while not driving, will cost you about $1,000. And if you are driving it will cost you even more. And the law allows no discretion on the part of the officer. He smells it and you go in.

Contrast that scenario to what happens in a state where marijuana is “decriminalized”. I always like the term “decriminalized”. It’s a way of saying that, while we don’t condone what you do, we will not bother you too much about doing it; unless you make a nuisance of yourself. This is what makes it possible for a Police Officer to tell you to step on that joint and let you go. You're not really a criminal, and as long as you act respectfully towards the officer, chances are he will cut you a break.

And then there is the concern about what the people who spiked your cigarettes will do to the weed; beyond what is done in grow rooms; to get a bigger bang out of their investment. I can only imagine the rising cancer rates from the chemical manipulations done by the tobacco crowd. And think of the commercials! Can you imagine listening to the Beatles singing “I Am the Walrus” to sell cigarettes? Sir Paul and Yoko will love it.

And, finally, there is one last reason to be against legalization. For decades marijuana has been something which allowed the user to feel as if they were doing their own thing. There was a feeling of independence in action and thought each time you lit up. 

But, when Big Brother says it’s okay to do so; well, that takes all the pleasure out of it. I’d much rather be a “decriminalized” smoker rather than just another pawn in their game. 

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