Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Homosexuality Is a Choice and Yearbook Photos in Utah

I guess by now everyone on the planet has heard Utah Governor Gary Herbert’s claim that homosexuality is a choice, and I don't completely disagree with that. While I believe that some homosexuals are genetically predisposed to being homosexual, I also feel that many people choose to live the homosexual lifestyle by choice. Now, before all you self-proclaimed “free thinkers” bite my head off for straying from the "party line", or threaten to firebomb my home in a show of your own tolerance, read on.

I would say to the Governor that if he is of the opinion that homosexuality is a choice, then he has established his position that sexual orientation is a choice in general. So, somewhere along the line, while maturing; well getting older anyway; he had to have made a choice to be heterosexual.

Now that we have established that sexuality is a choice for everyone; I would ask the Governor why his choice is right and the other choice is wrong. Don’t give me the biblical arguments; this is a Secular Republic. The Middle East is full of radical theocracies, all too willing to tell us what to believe. They are called terrorists. Or doesn't the good Governor believe in the War on Terror?

It is 2014; homosexuality has been around since the beginning of time. And, it will be with us for the duration. In the meantime I would suggest that the Governor get to work on the real problems which plague his state. Utah currently ranks 38th among the 50 states in education. In Utah a child dies before their first birthday every day. The birth weight of babies born in Utah is among the lowest in the nation. Another child is abused every 41 minutes.

Instead of me listing them all, just hit the following link from the Children’s Defense Fund to get a real picture of life in the great state of Utah. I would tell the Governor to get busy working on these problems before he makes any further attempts at social engineering. How about starting with some food for those babies, and Child Protection Services for the abused ones? Oh, and maybe a few books for those students? After all, these are the children of the Governor’s “choice”; the products of heterosexual unions. Who knows, with a little help from the state, someday they may grow up to be smarter than their parents and elect a Governor who really understands the job.

Note: As of 2 days later, high schools in Utah are altering students photos to "show less skin." You can't make this stuff up, which again calls to mind the similarities between the state of Utah and some of the terrorist nations we are supposed to be fighting. In that part of the world they have religious law; also known as "Sharia." And, in those countries it is mandatory for women to cover themselves.

Someone needs to remind the Governor that this is America. Keep in mind that he is one of  the same Conservatives who tell you they want to keep government out of your lives. Right....

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