Wednesday, March 19, 2014

"Violet and Daisy" with James Gandolfini and Alexis Biedel (2013)

In the grand tradition of movies such as “Snatch” and “Pulp Fiction” this film ranks among the best. With a bit of satire and plenty of sharp tongue in cheek wit, two young hit women; Violet, played by Alexis Biedel; and Daisy, played by Saoirse Ronan; decide to take on one more job before beginning a long overdue vacation.

But when their mutual idol; Barbie Sunday; releases a new fashion line the two women decide to take on the job they initially refused, all in order to buy themselves two new dresses. What happens next defies all logic yet somehow seems as if it could really happen that way. Well, maybe.

When the girls arrive to make their hit, they find the intended target all too willing to meet his fate. This intrigues them and they are hooked on finding out why. Of course this humanizes the target, played by James Gandolfini, making it all that much harder to kill him.

To complicate matters even more, there is another hit team on the way to kill him for another transgression. While Violet goes to get more ammunition to kill him with, Daisy is left with the target and finds that he has terminal cancer. This sort of explains why he is so eager to die, but it also serves to make the girls feel sorry for him.

Through a strange sequence of events Violet ends up killing the other hit team, who are also rivals who may have sexually assaulted her in the past. But still, amidst all of the killing, James Gandolfini’s character; who is a mysterious loner- I don’t recall him having a name; is still not dead.

As time moves on the people who have paid to have him killed look to Violet and Daisy for answers as to why he is not dead. What will they tell him? Will they tell him? Or do they have something up their sleeves that will spare the target and still enable them to get the coveted Barbie Sunday dresses?

Geoffrey Fletcher; the director of “Precious”, wrote and directed this offbeat comedy about offbeat people in an offbeat world. Don’t miss it.

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