Saturday, March 15, 2014

"This is the End" with Seth Rogen and James Franco (2013)

Get ready for one of the most off beat disaster films you will ever see. The film is something like a Cheech and Chong film crossed with “Animal House.” You might say the film is juvenile in nature and be right, but it sure is funny, in a belly laugh type of way.

Two friends meet in L.A. after a year apart with plans to party the time away. One is a rising star in the movie industry, eager to show his old friend the collection of writers and stars that comprise his new world. While at a party with all the ritzy set they go out and see the world is ending.

Spaceships, explosions, people being sucked up into the sky; everything which you can imagine in the worst low budget Hollywood disaster film is assembled here. And with great comic effect as the two go back to the party to warn their friends, only to be rebuffed by these materially possessed people. When they finally realize that the two are not kidding, it is too late.

As the world about them crumbles and goes up in flames the two are separated, with one going up and the other going down to the pits of hell. As they struggle to hold onto one another they are forced to make a decision; let go and save one of them, or be dragged down together.

They choose to say goodbye and as one is sucked upward into the light the beast below swallows his friend, belching fire. But then, just as with Jonah and the Whale, his friend is regurgitated form the belly of the beast; cast upward towards his friend in a shaft of light.

When the two are last seen they are spiraling upwards towards heaven and the light, presumably towards the great party in the sky. This is a very strange film, but funny as hell. Let me know if there is any deeper meaning to it, other than the analogy of Jonah and the Whale.

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