Friday, March 21, 2014

"The Kate Logan Affair" with Alexis Bledel and Laurent Lucas (2010)

Have you ever stood by helplessly while a situation spun wildly out of control, only to wonder later how it happened? That is exactly the predicament in which a French businessman, played by Laurent Lucas, who portrays a man engaged in computing probabilities, finds himself. His own life expectancy is 82 years old. He takes this as a certainty.

Alexis Bledel, who plays Kate Logan , a rookie police officer in a small American town, mistakes Lucas as a fugitive and pulls her pistol on him as he sits in his car outside a convenience store where both have gone for coffee. When she realizes her mistake she is apologetic, but as the day goes on she begins to worry that should the man complain, she just may lose her job.

And thus initiates a chain of events in which she returns to apologize again, which begins an encounter with the Frenchman, each step taking him further and further from the world he took for granted. At the same time Officer Logan becomes more and more entrapped in a situation of her own making, which must now be undone. But who will pay the cost to save her career?

Tersely filmed and directed, this film explores the seemingly harmless lines we sometimes cross, and the consequences which those actions ultimately have on those around us; and ourselves. Ecellent script and performances make this film one not to be missed.

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