Sunday, March 16, 2014

"Sugarholics" - Jack La Lane (1958+/-)

My doctor has got me thinking about all the things I eat which aren't good for me. Like the 5 pounds of sugar which goes into my iced tea each week. The red meat is also no good for, but I do eat a fair amount of chicken. However, most of the chicken I eat has probably been treated with antibiotics, which are also not good for me. Then there is my evening milk shake; a long time staple of my life. It causes mucus to form which is bad for my stomach and also my breathing.

Man, I am really up a tree! Everything I eat, or drink, is bad for me in some way. And I have been eating these things for my entire life. I thought I really had done well about 15 years ago when I realized that I was "binge eating" without realizing it! I had just fallen into the habit of polishing off boxes of donuts and half gallon containers of ice cream. I've always been very thin so I figured I was okay.

Then my daughter started to educate me about food disorders. I quickly realized that I was engaging in "binge eating", and put it down to smoking too much. It works like that sometimes. So, I just stopped doing it. The "binge eating", not the smoking. It wasn't very difficult as I wasn't doing it out of any deep seated emotional reason. I was just having a bad case of the "munchies."

So now, here I am 15 years later, still skinny; I had thought when I slowed down the rate at which I was eating I might gain some weight, but that never happened; and wondering what my next step will be. Will I be up to this 1958 challenge by Jack LaLane to eat better? Will I be able to quit sugar, or at least slow it down?

I'm not sure. But I do know that it's lunch time and there isn't anything in the house that I feel safe eating. The sausage is bad, the iced tea is bad, jello is just sugar, Gatorade is crap, eggs are not really heart healthy, and I am getting hungrier by the minute. I guess the mashed sweet potatoes are okay. And the banana. Nothing wrong with a banana.

Well, I guess it's off to the store to see what kind of foods appeal to me which are healthier. Wish me luck; this is like re-inventing the wheel after 59 years of rolling along unconcerned.

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