Sunday, March 30, 2014

"Look Who's Barking" - Married With Children (B.B. King and Cheech Marin)

When Fox TV made it's debut in 1987 nobody thought they had a chance against the Big 3. But, before only 3 seasons were over Fox was leading the Sunday night crowd. With innovative programs such as "The Simpsons" and their human counterparts the Bundy's, FOX was way more reflective of what was happening in America than the same old stuff on the same old networks.

In this unique episode of "Married With Children", Buck finds himself neglected and the audience gets a view of life from a dog's point of view. When nobody takes responsibility to feed him Buck is forced to take to the street where he meets a cute little girl dog whom he invites home. His intentions are less than honorable; hey he's a dog, right?

The Bundy's love the new dog, but can only afford to keep one. Sensing this, the new dog sets Buck up for a fall by doing all kinds of bad things around the house and making sure that Buck takes the blame. Though Buck may be slow, he's not stupid and soon he finds a way to turn the tables on his guest, while ensuring that he remains a member of the household.

Highlights of this episode are Cheech Marin doing Buck's voice over, and B.B. King as a street singer performing twice; once near the beginning, and then again at the end when he sings "Woman Makes You Stupid." A very clever show.

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