Thursday, March 6, 2014

Strange Days Indeed

These are strange days indeed. A passenger on a West Jet flight left the above note on a napkin for pilot, who has 17 years of flight experience. Obviously the writer knew that this was an insensitive; at best; thing to do. They even admit to the political incorrectness, which doesn't bother me at all. It’s the stupidity of the note, and the writer, which annoys me more.

We are all entitled to opinions. That goes without saying; but when you leave anonymous notes you are no longer expressing your opinion. You have crossed the line into intimidation. If someone wants to disagree with someone else, that is perfectly acceptable. You simply wait to engage them in conversation or correspondence where you both can address the issue at hand.

Of course when dealing with the pilot of an airliner there are certain rules which may keep you from engaging the pilot directly, but you can leave a note with your contact information with the steward/stewardess to give to the pilot.

That is, if you don’t have a problem with the gender of your steward/stewardess. Let’s face it, the guy who wrote this note is not going to be happy with a male steward. And I feel sorry for him. Everywhere he goes he is surrounded by women in jobs he doesn't feel comfortable with them holding.

It must be so sad to exist in a world where everywhere you turn you find yourself in disagreement with half of everyone you see. And, if you have a daughter it must be twice as painful. She may have ambition and want to do something which you feel should be open only to men. Will you stop her?

Here is the reply which the Captain sent via her Facebook account;

To @David in 12E on my flight #463 from Calgary to Victoria today. It was my pleasure flying you safely to your destination. Thank you for the note you discreetly left me on your seat. You made sure to ask the flight attendants before we left if I had enough hours to be the Captain so safety is important to you, too. I have heard many comments from people throughout my 17 year career as a pilot. Most of them positive. Your note is, without a doubt, the funniest. It was a joke, right? RIGHT?? I thought, not. You were more than welcome to deplane when you heard I was a “fair lady.” You have that right. Funny, we all, us humans, have the same rights in this great free country of ours. Now, back to my most important role, being a mother.

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