Thursday, November 14, 2013

Things Which Go Bump in the Night

I was sleeping through the cold snap the other morning when I kept on hearing these thumping noises coming from different parts of the house. Even the upstairs, and the staircase itself, seemed to be alive with strange thumping sounds, as if small objects of furniture were being moved about. “Hell,” I thought sleepily, “It can’t be much- maybe the wind.” With that in mind I rolled over and went back to my morning nap.

A little while later I awoke to the sounds of tickling laughter, which; I soon realized; was coming from the “music room” and I even detected a melody to the cacophony of sound emanating from that location.

Thinking back to the time I caught two of my guitars “nesting” in that same room, I fully expected that the two were at it again. But I wasn't prepared for what was in store when I entered the room! I wanted to laugh but realized that that would only encourage them to further antics, so I went in stern-faced. That is, I walked in backwards so as to give them some privacy. That’s a joke. “Stern-faced” and a ship- see what I did there?

Anyway, during the early morning hours when the temperature dropped a bit upstairs, the Washburn got cold and lonely; which explains the movement I heard from upstairs; and come down to visit with the Yamaha, drawing the attention of the Ashland, which happened to be nearby. Not wanting to be left out of anything, the Ibanez crept softly from my bedroom and joined them in what became a kind of pajama party for the instruments.

As with all parties involving young folks; all of the guitars are between 8 and 22 years old; things soon got out of hand when one of them decided to play with itself. This caused the others to chime in and soon those efforts resulted in that cacophony of sound which I spoke of earlier.

“What the hell”, I thought, quickly losing my stern look. If they want to play, let ‘em. It’s probably good for them to get together without me every once in a while. I just hope they weren't making fun of me.

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