Sunday, November 10, 2013

"The Fresh Vegetable Mystery" - Max Fleischer (1939)

It seems there is a never ending treasure trove of Max and Dave Fleischer cartoons which I have never seen. All I have to do is browse You Tube for them. In this classic from 1939 the vegetables have all gone to sleep for the night, with mama Carrot laying her babies to sleep on a bed of lettuce.

The Potato Cop has just left the potato sack Precinct and has a free beer form the mouse hole saloon before he begins his patrol. It isn't long before things start to go wrong on what should be an ordinary night.

Some of the vegetables have been menaced by what appears to be a giant cockroach and the Potato Cop is at his wits end. But, when the baby carrots fall victim to a kidnapping all hands pitch in to solve the crime, fearing the worst for the little ones.

In classic Fleischer form the mystery is soon solved and the answer to the puzzle concerning the giant cockroach is revealed. A very clever and fun cartoon, this offering is a good example of just how far the Fleischer studios were able to push the boundaries of imagination.

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