Friday, November 29, 2013

Black Friday - Free PDF File

Rooftop Reviews is pleased to announce that there is now a full, chronological listing of every article posted here since March 29, 2009; which is the actual birthday of this blog. It runs about 69 pages long and grows longer with each day. Which; of course; makes it too long to post.

It runs the gamut from our first, non-illustrated book review of “The Sugar’s In the Bottom of the Cup”, a memoir set in San Francisco of the early 1900’s, and goes on to reviews of music, a 30 chapter auto-biography of myself, some short stories, poetry, a bit of politics, and everything you can possibly think of in between. There are even a few guest columnists in the mix, ranging from Stuart Sokol’s cab driver story to a few crew members reminisces of the Coast Guard  Cutter Cardigan, which used to sit in Sheepshead Bay in Brooklyn, near where I grew up. I've interviewed a few interesting people and even made some close friends along the way. Not a bad job, though it doesn't pay well at all. As a matter of fact; it doesn't pay at all!

If you would like a copy of this list just e-mail me at and I will wing a PDF copy of the index right back to you free of charge. I don’t expect many takers, but the offer stands. The next logical step is for me to begin the laborious process of creating an alphabetized Index, a task which I am not looking forward to. This table of contents is the start of that endeavor. With about 1700 postings; and some 5,000 pages of writing; to review, it will take a bit of time.

I never even thought that I would be doing this blog for a long period of time, and although it has a limited following, which is currently down to about 150 people a day, from 59 different countries, I have really enjoyed doing it. Sometimes I get ready to give up on it, but then I get an e-mail from someone who just read something I wrote months, or even a couple of years ago, which touched them in a special way.

I've had notes from the children of my elementary school teachers; and other people whom I’ve never met that ran across something I wrote about their parents, who owned a local store where I worked as a kid; and even some authors and a couple of bonafide stars. My all-time favorites are from Ernest Borgnine and Olivia DeHavilland, which are both framed and hang in my den.

At any rate, starting about the 10th of December I will be posting some of my favorite Christmas postings from the last 4 years. It’s mostly a collection of holiday movie reviews, some unusual Christmas music and a few assorted stories, including something new about my Uncle Irving and the Fat Man.

As always, it’s a pleasure to write these posts, and an even greater pleasure when you respond to something which I have written. So, keep the e-mails coming. I prefer them to comments as they allow me to be more expansive and personal in my responses. But, either way, I always answer each and every one. Remember, if you do comment anonymously I can only reply beneath your comment, so you have to check back.

Well, no matter how you may have landed here, thanks for stopping in. About 30% of the people who do find their way to this page return, and I look forward to their visits every day. Thanks!

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