Friday, August 16, 2013

"The Bletchley Circle - Cracking a Killer's Code" with Rachael Stirling and Sophie Rundle (2012)

This is a very smartly written and well filmed mystery concerning 4 women, all former code breakers in World War Two England, who find themselves embroiled in a real life mystery in their own town. The year is 1952, and these 4 women have left the war far behind them, concentrating on family and the ordinary portions of life in post-war England. That is, until the day that a killer enters their world.

Having worked so closely together in the war at the code-breaking center known as Bletchley Park, these women are now re-united, and more than ready to see if they can discern any pattern to the killings. With the safety of their fellow citizens once again on the line, these 4 women are eager to solve the case as quickly as they can.

Anna Maxwell Martin, Rachael Stirling, Julie Graham, and Sophie Grundle all turn in superior forces in this PBS drama reminiscent of the British wartime series “Foyles War” which was huge hit in Britain and has lately been garnering a lot of attention here in America. If you enjoyed those shows, then this movie is certainly going to whet your appetite for more adventures from these 4 very talented actresses and their writer, Guy Burt.

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