Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Me and My Shadow

This is me and my shadow, Midnight, my local stray cat who adopted me almost 2 years ago, out on a walk. We've been doing that lately, taking short walks together in the evening. It’s a bit complicated for him, as the other people who live in the neighborhood are usually all walking their dogs at that hour. Midnight is not on a leash, so he is free to scram if he feels in any danger.

Funny part of it all is that I when I stop to talk to neighbors who are walking their dogs, Midnight is right there at my feet; looking warily at the dog; but trusting me to protect him. Good thing he doesn’t have a leash and can run fast. I’m about 130 pounds; on a good day; so most of the dogs around here outweigh me!

Walking the cat is a new experience for me, and I gather for others as well. Midnight is more like a dog than a cat, mostly due to being a stray and dependent on me for his food I think. But he is loyal, and we have sat out quite a few storms together lately. He’s terrified of thunder; while the prospect of flooding from the creek across the road worries me. So, on rainy days we’re likely companions. He thinks I will save him, and he’s probably right.

So, now that we have taking a walk down fairly well, I can start training him to bring me the morning paper. After almost 2 years, it’s about time he started to earn his keep.

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