Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Sue's Late Spring Garden

This is where I hang out when it’s not too hot outside. This old bench that we have had for so many years still provides me with a fairly comfortable place to sit and strum the guitar. The trees which Sue planted 4 years ago have really sprung up, providing me with a little “nook” where I can play, or just sit and watch the birds flitting about. A very peaceful spot, I never thought I’d ever have a park bench of my own to sit on, let alone such a beautiful backyard.

These are some of the plants which line the patio area on three sides. Behind the banana tree is the landscaped hummingbird island. The plants which Sue has planted there all draw the amazing little birds, and we both enjoy watching them, wondering how they ever stay up, and also whether they ever really get enough to eat. It seems as if they are burning more calories than they can possibly consume, making them almost like objects of pity, rather than the amazing marvels of nature which they are.

This is the summer “office.” I’m not a sun worshiper, but I do manage to get in about 30 minutes in the sun each morning. I listen to the birds, watch the trees and bushes sway with the light breezes, and think of things to post on this blog. It’s not a bad job. However, it doesn't pay well.

And finally, regardless of the miracle of the fig tree; which is back again this year, larger than ever, and already budding; the sheer rapidity with which this cactus comes back each year never ceases to give me so much pleasure. The bright yellow blossoms will continue throughout the summer months. Last year it bloomed about 6 times, and I proudly posted a photo of each occasion. You can expect the same this year.

There’s plenty more in our garden. We have a magnolia, some oaks, maples, lilacs, lilies, herbs and spices, along with a bunch of stuff that only Sue could tell you what they are. She has planted 17 trees since we moved in here 4 years ago, along with countless bushes and flowering plants. It’s a good deal for me. She plants ‘em, and I enjoy ‘em. 

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