Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Digging for Hoffa - Again

We’re digging up Hoffa; or more accurately; what we believe to be the remains of one time Teamster Boss Jimmy Hoffa, again. And each time we never find him. It’s become a parlor game, not unlike the speculation which will forever surround JFK's assassination, or even some sort of macabre version of “Where’s Waldo.” But just who was Jimmy Hoffa and why do we even care where he is?

Depending upon your point of view, Jimmy Hoffa was a thug, a racketeer, or a champion of the working man. It’s hard to decide which category the man truly fits into. But it’s plainly evident that he was killed, or “whacked” as they say in the movies and TV shows.

Either that, or he has engineered his own disappearance, way out distancing that of Osama Bin Laden, who was only  able to hide for a mere decade while the whole world supposedly looked for him. In that case, Bin Laden was an amateur compared to Mr. Hoffa, who would undoubtedly be deceased at this point, or close to it anyway.

So, why are we looking for him everywhere? In stadiums, in backyards, beneath highways; and even in basements; the FBI has been tracking a dead man for almost 40 years now. My own opinion is that it’s time we stopped. If he was, as some say, involved in the assassination of JFK, anybody he would have worked with has undoubtedly passed away as well, and so the discovery of Mr. Hoffa’s body would yield no value at this point.

At any rate the conversation would be quite boring, as Mr. Hoffa; having been dead for several decades; would have very little to say on the matter.

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