Saturday, June 1, 2013

"Drooler's Delight" with Woody Woodpecker (1949)

In this 1949 cartoon from Walter Lantz, we find our feathered friend Woody lazing about on a hot summer’s day, literally roasting in the heat. The radio serves as the catalyst when Woody hears it advertising an ice cream soda, which causes him to set off in quest of a cooling delight.

Finding a bit of change in his “safe”, he heads towards the Drooler’s Delight, but first he has to pass the local pool hall and the bully who runs sway over the place. Naturally, he takes Woody’s money and with it his dreams of a thirst quenching treat.

But Woody is not your ordinary woodpecker, and so the money changes hands several times before he finally is able to walk into the Drooler’s Delight for his much coveted refreshment. But what awaits him there is none other than the pool hall bully.

After stuffing Woody in a glass and filling it with the ingredients for an actual “Drooler’s Delight”, Woody finds out that though life does sometimes suck, it’s not so bad after all.

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