Friday, June 21, 2013

Sue's Balloon Ride - Up, Up and Away! / Chairman Obama

Last night a local real estate company was giving balloon rides near our house. Sue wanted a lift and this looked like a good opportunity, so off we went. I stayed down on the ground and filmed the event, as well as took some really great photos, which, for some reason, will not load correctly here.

Here she is going up…

And, though tethered to the ground in anticipation of sudden storms, there she was, floating free and away. Here’s her take on the whole thing; very low key and definitely Sue.

Tonight Re Max was giving hot air balloon rides near our home. The price was irresistible, being free. The balloon was tethered for reasons of liability and so we didn't go miles up, but it was a glorious feeling to be flying; up, up and away. I didn't want it to end, but break free and keep soaring, higher and higher…

                    CHAIRMAN OBAMA 

President Obama has called on all government workers to spy on their colleagues and turn them in. We are not in a declared war, as in World War Two, when “loose lips sank ships.” We have been told over and over again since 9/11 that we can’t become like the enemy. I think Chairman Obama has just done that for us.

President Obama ran for office touting a "transparent", open government. It would seem that he now prefers to slam the cell doors on people who "leak" the truth about the lies we are told every day. How does one "leak" the truth?

Instead of secrecy, we need more transparency in our government, and less divisive tactics on the part of the Supreme Leader. Are you listening NSA? Now, go tell the President. I cannot believe that I voted for this man...

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