Friday, June 7, 2013

Death Panelist?

This was written one day prior to a Federal Judge granting a Waiver to Sarah Murnaghan on Thursday. The Federal Government is not expected to appeal the decision. But, the fact still remains that this family was put through what amounts to more than just an abuse of process; they were subject to the kind of treatment we were told would not be tolerated under the current administration. This problem could have been resolved with the stroke of a pen, as it was for a major campaign contributor several years ago; when he was seeking permission to import an illegal medication, unavailable for you and I. 
What is wrong with the Democratic Party? They seem to be rudderless; lacking in courage to do the right thing in this case about the 10 year old girl, Sarah Murnaghan, in Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. She is in need of a pediatric lung transplant, but, according to existing health care regulations, she cannot have one until she is 12. To be fair, there is currently no pediatric lung available for her, but there is an adult one which can be modified and allow the girl to live. But the Democrats will not even discuss an exemption to spare her life.

Naturally, the Republicans, and conservative talk radio are having a field day with this issue, trumpeting the rise of the dreaded “Obama Death Panels.” Republican leaders are calling for HHS Director Kathleen Sebelius to make an exemption to the rule and allow the girl, who has about 2 weeks left to live, to get the lung. As of this writing, not one Democrat has even made a statement in defense of; or in opposition to; the inaction of the Director, whom they chose.

Some are ranting that if they make this exception it will open the flood gates for more of these “special circumstances”, thus bankrupting an already overburdened system. This is nonsense. Here is an opportunity; ready-made; to show true bi-partisanship on this issue, and yet the two parties cannot put down their war hatchets long enough to save this little girls life. It’s shameful, and at the same time, very suggestive of what lies in store for most Americans in the future.

Bureaucrats will be making decisions on whether you, or a loved one, will be allowed to live. Does that constitute a “death panel”? I don’t think that it does, but it’s awfully hard to understand why Ms. Sebelius, who has the power to make this decision, will not even comment on the issue beyond stating that she will have the issue “investigated”, a proposal which will certainly take longer than the little girl has to live.

You may ask, “What about the press? Where are they on this story?” And you wouldn't be alone. This is news of the most heartbreaking kind; a little girl being deliberately deprived of the one thing which can save her life; and yet the press is strangely quiet. They seem to believe that, just as a tree falling in the forest makes no noise if no one is around to hear it, they can ignore this story altogether. But you can be sure they will make a buck or two on it after the little girl has died.

There is so much blame to go around on this issue; but the biggest blame of all would be if you read this and do not make that call to your Congressperson, or Senator, and demand that something be done; even if you do not  really believe in this cause, then at least to dispel the Republican’s assertion that there really is a “Death Panel.” Unless; of course; there is.

I have spent Wednesday morning phoning my elected representatives from North Carolina to urge Ms. Sebelius to change her mind. Not only were the offices of the Democrats I contacted disinterested in doing anything about it, but Ms. Sebelius re-iterated her stance on this issue on Wednesday. I urge you to phone your Representatives and Senators asking them to intervene. I hope that you will, as the sands of time are quickly running out for Sarah.

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