Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Secret Ballot - 101

For those who haven’t heard, we here in the United States, have the right to vote a secret ballot. Simply put; that means that no-one can compel you to tell them for whom you have cast your vote. This is a good thing. It safeguards our Democratic Republic in a very basic way. It prevents “gridlock” amongst the populace, and thus prevents “we the people” from coming to loggerheads with one another, thereby giving all power to the elected officials who will them only represent about half of the nation’s views, and needs. This is a bad thing.

But, lately, we have all seem to forgotten that. Each election cycle reveals a further split; right down the middle; of our national spirit. The repercussions of this are that there is a lack of civil discourse in the land. There is a stagnation of solutions to the many problems which we all face, while there is a proliferation of propaganda from both sides, in a further effort to divide us; to conquer us; to keep us powerless to effect any change. And, with the aid of the 24/7 news cycle; as well as the blogosphere; they seem to be doing a damn good job of it, too.
There’s a lot at stake in the coming election. Let’s all take a step back and breathe a bit before pulling that lever, punching the card, or marking your ballot. But, most importantly; let this election be a lesson to us in what not to expect of our elected officials. We do not expect to spend the majority of the next 4 years with a partisan, obstructionist Congress, or Senate.

As usual, I urge you all to wait until after the election and then phone, e-mail, or fax your concerns for America to your Congressional Representative, as well as your Senators. Let them know that you hold them responsible for both the successes; and failures; of the 4 years.
Remember, when you pull that lever on Election Day, you are hiring; or retaining; an employee. That employee has benefits which the average American only dreams of these days. Health Care, paid for by you; a very generous Retirement system, paid for by you; and all the tax loopholes necessary to wash clean the honorariums which they receive in addition to the salary of about $180,000; plus expenses; all at a time when you yourself may be struggling to find employment, or keep your home.

So, instead of screaming at one another, let’s be quiet for the next 2 weeks and ponder one of the most important decisions which we, the people, will probably ever be called upon to make in our lifetimes. And when all is said and done; regardless of who wins the election; we, the people are all we really have to count upon. Let’s never allow ourselves to forget that.
Here is a link to contact all of your Senators and Congressional Representatives;

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