Saturday, October 6, 2012

"Out of Scale" starring Donald Duck with Chip and Dale (1951)

I don’t remember Donald Duck in any cartoons with Chip and Dale, but apparently there were quite a few. This episode was released on November 2, 1951. In it, Donald arrives at the miniature town of Canyonville, the home of Chip and Dale. Notice how the neighborhood closely resembles the post war housing developments which had just begun to spring up across the nation in the wake of the post war housing shortage.

Donald attempts to erect a railroad set in his backyard he goes overboard, planting small trees and creating a veritable village for his train. But trouble is afoot when he discovers Chip and Dale living in one of the larger trees he needs to move for his railroad. When he evicts them from their home in the tree, they take up residence in one of the miniature houses Donald has erected in his quest to build the perfect little village.  This begins a struggle between them which, as usual, reaches epic proportions.
When Donald removes their large tree, Chip and Dale see their chance, re-planting it back in the way of Donald’s train. Donald is furious at being outwitted by Chip and Dale, but, with a bit of cunning they proceed to show Donald that duck and nature can co-exist peacefully side by side. This may be one of the earliest cartoons espousing the need for man to balance progress with nature.

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