Thursday, October 25, 2012

"Land of Islam" - Morris J. Kandel (1934)

Browsing the internet can be like taking a tour around the world. I can sit here and visit places I have never seen, or re-visit the places I have. And; as an added bonus attraction; I can go back in time to places; both seen and unseen; which, for various reasons, intrigue me. This travelogue from 1934 is like that. It reminds me of my own visit there in the 1970’s, as well as capturing the flavor of the film “Casablanca”, one of my all-time favorite.
As the announcer takes us on a tour of the city, it is interesting to note the many similarities still in evidence in the 21st century world in which we live today. Everywhere on the planet, people still struggle to eat, or seek medical care and a place to live. In many parts of the world, little has changed since this film was made almost 70 years ago. That realization can be an epiphany in itself.

These videos are valuable tools in helping to understand the world around us. Looking at them we can see the similarities of the things we share; as well as the differences which divide us.

Surprisingly; when you break it all down; there are more basic similarities than there are superficial differences. And, in the end, this will be the thing which will unite us all. Apparently there are quite a number of these films available on You Tube. There are brief descriptions of the films at the bottom of all the postings, including how to get in touch with the owners for licensing of the film for commercial use. That link is;

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