Sunday, October 28, 2012

"Andy Discovers America" - The Andy Griffith Show (1963)

I am an unabashed fan of the Andy Griffith Show. The earlier shows, from the first 3 seasons, contain all that you need to know about living in harmony with your fellow man. Although not overtly religious, these shows are like sermons, espousing a hard work ethic along with self-reliance and responsibility. Andy Taylor, the Sheriff of Mayberry, does all he can to instill these values into his son, Opie, who grew up to be the great film director Ron Howard. But sometimes even Andy speaks out of turn, and without thinking, winds up with his foot in his mouth, just like a politician.

In this episode from the 3rd season, Opie is having a problem with his new teacher, Ms. Crump, and her lessons in history. When Sheriff Taylor agrees with him that history is unimportant, he unknowingly sets off a rebellion in Ms. Crump’s classroom, as the boys refuse to do their history homework. When Ms. Crump confronts Sheriff Taylor, he is at once speechless, and slightly smitten with her. Now, all he has to do is undo the damage he has done, while still saving face with his son and the other boys. And let’s not forget his need to repair his reputation with Opie’s teacher, Ms. Crump.

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