Monday, August 15, 2011

"Passages: Green Wall" by Artist Tetsunori Kawana

Sue and I had the pleasure of seeing this unusual and thought provoking work of living art at the Mint Museum in Charlotte yesterday. The artist,Tetsunori Kawana, has created a maze, of sorts, using 20 foot long baboo poles along with some cut bamboo stalks to evoke a jungle-like labyrinth. It is, in the words of the artist himself, intended to make people aware of the connection between "people and nature interacting- that's the most important thing."

And he succeeds in doing just that. From the inside, at certain angles, I was reminded of the jungles that I have seen. But, remember that art is really about what the recipient takes from it, and from the outside, I was reminded of Coney Island, in Brooklyn, New York and the Cyclone roller coaster, which was also made of wood, though very old. It held a sense of the mysterious, not unlike that of Tetsonuri Kawana's work. In a sense, both perspectives are connections to nature, one being the natural world of jungles; and the other being a natural reflection, drawing upon one's own experiences in life to interpret the art before them. For me it was the urban jungle and the Cyclone.

The work was assembled over the last three weeks, using green bamboo and volunteers to assist in the assembly. It will stand in place, in front of the Mint Museum in Charlotte, for a year before moving on. During that time it will change colors and hues, lending new meaning to this unusual work. Sue and I will be re-visiting Mr. Kawana's work from time to time to experience those changes.

With the artist on hand for the occasion, along with some cultural festivities, this was a wonderful event for lovers of art, as well as families looking for something different to expose their children to. All will be richer for the experience.

ありがとうございます。 Mr. Kawanza.

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