Tuesday, March 16, 2021

"Rosebushes Under the Trees" - Gustav Klimdt (1905)

Nora Stiasny was a Norwegian woman living in Austria in 1938 when she was forced to sell this Gustav Klimdt painting "Rose Bushes Under the Trees" (1905) for a pittance of its worth in order to survive the high inflation. Within 2 years she was in a concentration camp where she later died.

The painting wound up in the vast collection of art looted by the Nazis'. In 1980 the State of France bought the painting from it's legal owner and it has been at the Musee d'Orsay in Paris for the enjoyment of all. They had no idea of the paintings history, according to the release.

Yesterday the Musee announced that the painting will be returned to the family of the rightful owner, the heirs of Nora Stiasny.  I'm hoping the family will allow the Musee D'orsay to continue to house and display this treasure for them. And perhaps add a history of the paintings adventure along with a thanks to the family for allowing it to remain....

This painting should not be confused with that of Adele Bloch-bauer, "The Lady in Gold", another Klimdt canvas to be stolen during the early days of the war. Helen Mirren starred in the film about that painting.