Wednesday, October 21, 2020

A Shared Bridge

This was "my" bridge for decades, 
a place where I would roam,
when things got too confusing, 
and I needed someplace to go. 

 Once a ship was tied up there, 
 (for many years it seems.) 
I used to sneak on her of night times 
and I'd sail her in all of my dreams. 

 This was the bridge that I rode across 
 on my bicycle built for one. 
On my way to the beach, or just fishing, 
this was my bridge alone! 

 Years had passed and I'd moved away
 yet still, this was the bridge that I'd see. 
Yes, this was the bridge that I'd lost until 
you came and gave it back to me!

 For Victoria Kanrek - long overdue. With affection and thanks! 
Photo by Victoria Kanrek

Monday, October 19, 2020

The Swan Lives

The swan swims, all alone,
in the pond he once called home.
His love has gone, he feared she might
be leaving all along.

Here, where they once swam, side by side
the pond now seems an ocean. Wide.
In a vacant gulf, filled with cries,
a sadness here presides.

And on he sadly paddles,
but his days alone feel wrong.
For as he swims he wonders how
long it takes to sing a swan's song.

Photo by Wendy Josephs

October 16, 2020