Tuesday, March 31, 2020

An Irish Tale

A man retires and moves to small village in Ireland. He finds the local pub and goes in every night. And he always orders three beers at the same time.

After a few weeks the publican says to him, "I can pour them fresh, separately each time and they will taste better."

The man says, "No, this is a family tradition. I have two brothers and whenever we drink, even if we're alone we drink together. And I guarantee you wherever they are tonight if they're drinking they're doing the same." The pulican says what a lovely tradition it is and things go on as usual for about 3 months.

One night the man walks in and orders only two beers. The word goes out to the village and though no one wants to ask the obvious question, anonymous flowers start arriving for him at the pub. The whole town appears to be in mourning, and the man finally asks what all the fuss is about.

The publican tells him, Well, we saw you're  only ordering  2 beers now, and if you wouldn't consider it prying, can we ask which brother has passed away?"

The man replies, "Oh, that? Me brothers are both fine. But I've given up the drink."

Sunday, March 29, 2020

For Aliyah and Trinity

I wish I could show you the seashells 
lying along the shore.
I wish I could show you the oysters 
that lie on the ocean floors.

I'd love to show you the sunsets 
in all the parts of the world,
With all the sunrises and moonsets
and the way the stars shine, just as pearls.

I'd take you for rides on a moonbeam,
and have you home before dawn.
So, when you awaken to greet the new day,
the dream would be lost in a yawn.

But somehow you'll know that I've been there,
the day will feel extra bright.
And, knowing there's someone who really cares
will make all your burdens seem light.

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Pokey and Ted

Pokey is the doorstop,
Ted is his best friend.
They love one another dearly,
they're friends unto the end.

They greet me each time I go
through the bedroom door.
Sometimes I pick up Pokey,
while Ted sits on the floor.

I nap with Pokey by my side
and each time I awaken
Ted is steadfast by the door
my faith in him unshaken.

These two guys are really tight
as any fool can see.
With so much spare love to share,
there's even some for me!

Friday, March 13, 2020

Trick of the Light - Morning Sun

The sun comes in the window,

it makes the mirror glare.

Then bounces back across the room,
and warms me in my chair.