Thursday, May 21, 2015

Myrtle Beach

This is Sue flying high over Myrtle Beach last weekend. We stopped for one of those helicopter rides- up and back. I don't fly well anymore; Sue went solo and took this beautiful picture of the hotels on the beach. One of them was ours.

Speaking of the beach; here I am on the sand; a very rare thing these days. A German woman who was taking pictures of her friend offered to take pictures of Sue and I. She took about a hundred! 

And here is Sue holding me up against the wind...

And then later walking in the surf alone while I took this picture from the 16th floor.

It was a quiet weekend for us- but King Kong was still angry about something.

This was my first trip anywhere in 4 years. It was all good, but one of the best parts was just looking at the ocean again. From the 16th floor you can just about see the curve of the horizon, about 10-12 miles away...

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