Friday, May 29, 2015

"It Scared Me" - For Sue (2012

I first posted this in 2012. It’s still a relevant question we never like to ask; for whom do we mourn? Is it for the afflicted, or is it for ourselves?

It shook me up
to see you lying there.
The blood on the floor
made me scared.

Never felt so helpless
and didn't know what to do.
Was I thinking of me,
or thinking of you?

It's hard to say
what scares us the most.
The loss of your lover
or the love that you've lost.

Either way's a loser;
a turn of the cards.
While all the time you're thinking,
"God, why's life so hard?"

This was my reaction to Sue’s accident in the garage back in 2012. She gashed her head and had 6 stitches. I was worried about her, and also thinking of me being left alone; calling into question whether I am a good man, or a bad man.

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