Thursday, May 28, 2015

The Origins of Guilt - More Bad Poetry

I've been writing this one since I was a little kid and my Mom was sick. She passed away in 1984 after decades of illness. As a child it must have taken a toll on me; though it was years until I could admit it. And even then, dealing with it was another matter entirely. Today I have nothing but the fondest memories of my Mom; which is as it should be. 

The Origins of Guilt

When Mom was sick the world was gray
There was no light from the sun.
I spent my time willing time away;
Avoiding what should never come.

So, I willed it on as I ate the pain;
learning how to live without her;
and when she was home – tho’ I wasn’t alone-
I’d wish she was gone again.

To hide from the guilt I built a wall,
Which only locked it all in.
And when I finally knocked that wall down
I was left to face up to my sin.

That cycle went on forever
And became a race I could only lose;
Unless I learned to eat the pain
Of the sin I didn’t get to choose.

Mooresville, NC 5-28-15

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