Sunday, May 10, 2015

Happy Mothers Day - Ruth Marcus Williams

This is my Happy Mother’s Day wish to my mother Ruth Marcus Williams. She passed away in 1984 after a lengthy battle with cancer. I think of her often and wonder what she would have thought of my kids and grand-kids? She passed away too early to see me settled down. So if you've got a Mom - make sure you call or send flowers to her on this special day.

The photo above was taken on Veteran's day 1957 at Riis Park during low tide. I still remember the biting cold and wind. We had been flying paper kites earlier that day. These are the earliest photos I actually remember being taken of my brother or I. While going through these photos several years ago I wrote this song/poem. Even though it's been 30 years I still want to pick up the phone and call her every now and then. That's probably the best compliment that I can pay her. I still miss her.

I'll Never See You Anymore

I can still see you there; you’re standing by the door-
Wearing your best kerchief and your coat.
And though I think I see your face so clearly in my mind,
I know I’ll never see you anymore.

I can still hear your voice; it’s ringing in my head.
I still hear the words to every song.
And though I think I hear your voice so clearly in my mind,
I know I’ll never hear you anymore.

Times the silent master, as it steals your life away.
It robs you just a little at a time.
Then suddenly you realize that you've got nothing left.
She’s taken everything you once called “mine.”

I can still see you there, standing by the shore.
Kerchief blowing with the oceans' roar.
And just when I see you fixed, so clearly in my mind,
I know I’ll never see you anymore.

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