Saturday, June 7, 2014

"They Stooge to Conga" - The Three Stooges (1942)

In this; one of the wildest 3 Stooges films ever made; “They Stooge to Conga”; which doubled as a wartime propaganda film; the Stooges are out of work and stumble upon a job fixing a broken doorbell. The work is at a German home which serves as a front for a Nazi spy ring.

The boys find the trouble with the bell; along with other unanticipated troubles involving their customers. What makes this film stand out the most from all the other Stooges films is this 3 minute sequence; which is “active” even in comparison to most of their other antics.

The Three Stooges is more of a “guy” thing than for women. I have rarely met women who truly enjoy the slapstick genre of comedy. It’s just a genetic difference, I’m sure. And, as in most things which concern men and women; I say, “Vivre le difference!”

To see the whole film use this link;

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