Saturday, June 21, 2014

"Butterscotch and Soda" - Little Audrey (1948)

I post a good many cartoons, but not enough of a variety to suit my granddaughters. Popeye can't really hold a candle to Dora the Explorer. So, stuck for an idea I googled the phrase “classic cartoons for girls” and came up with this character, Little Audrey, and I actually remember seeing a few seconds of these on TV when I was a kid. They were the ones that came on when I went to get a snack. Being a boy I wasn't interested in Little Audrey, but now that I've taken a look at one of these cartoons, I’m a bit intrigued.
Little Audrey is actually based upon the Little Lulu comic strip character created by Marjorie Henderson Buell. These cartoons came about between 1947 and 1958 when Paramount decided not to renew the Little Lulu series. Little Audrey’s voice is done by Mae Questel, who also did almost all of the other major female cartoon characters for Paramount, including Betty Boop and Olive Oyl.

The plot of this cartoon, which was the first of the Little Audrey releases, is fairly simple. Audrey can’t stop eating candy and her Nanny is at her wits end concerning what to do about it. In desperation she finally searches the entire house, discovering Audrey’s hidden stashes everywhere and destroying them all. When Audrey discovers her candy missing, she goes into shock and enters a dreamland of; you guessed it; Candy!

But even enough of a good thing can become too much and Audrey ends up locked in a dream world where the very things which she craves all seem to turn against her, singing out their warnings to her in a very clever song “Tummy Ache Blues”, written by Winston Sharples and Buddy Kane. When Audrey finally comes to, she is met by the face of her Nanny; who thought she was dying; but now holds out a box of chocolates, telling Audrey that she can have all the candy she wants.

These cartoons were the product of Seymour Kneitel and illustrators Al Eugster, Bill Hudson and Irving Spector. Though the Nanny character is a stereotype; just as the character of Little Audrey is; the Nanny is clearly the wiser of the two. Now, I wonder how this one will stand up next to Dora the Explorer?


  1. Playful Little Audrey:
    Sweets Treats: Candy and chocolate

    Her dad work in the city: Canterbury Chocolate Factory: Contributions from his work place, he Delivers Bars; flower, candy and tart, brought home hidden in the basement in the cold cellar.

    Little Audrey came home from school wondering "what there to eat"? Mom kept the cookie jar away from her she did not want her spoiling her dinner.

    Sitting on the table bored before going up stairs to her room quarters, she decide to look in the basement in the cold Cellar. Finding the sweet treats on the flat surface of the freeze door, stuffing chocolate and candy in her pocket telling her mom "she going to play with her friends".

    Little Audrey divide the sweets among her friends, she was happy to share. Her friend's wondered
    "where she got the sweets from," however did not stop them from eating it.

    Evening after Dinner she ate more sweets in her room quarters. A blessing in decise and went to sleep.

    Dreamensional Realm: The Road, the grass, the trees, Cookie Ginger Bread People, even the house was made of sweets. Her stomach got more hungry she decided to eat out everything in site.

    The Problem: Her belly began to ache: sending her
    through swirly portal, similar to a water twirler, rush spinning into the drain.

    The Land of Nightmares:

    Her body became rolley polley fat descending slowing into the core Portal. Mystical Demons and ghost ascends levitates to the top and capture her arms, descending, pulling her downward in a fast passe toward the center of the swirly core portal.

    Telling her "she should have not ate too much Sweet Treats". The Fault land surface Crust strips gushed away. Her Punishment: "She is welcomed to live into the empty abyss while falling through into the core".

    Falling while being carried, helplessly into the core she begins to moans walking up her Mom and Dad. Dad decided to put the sweets on a high shelf where her daughter could not reach it.

    Her Mom gave her Tums Pill, and Soup,
    Until her stomach settled down. Audrey is lucky she did not have to go to the doctors.

    Little Audrey now and then still eats sweets:
    But now she reduces her intake.
    Never to spoil her dinner again:

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    My advice: Higher real actor or actress to
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