Tuesday, June 3, 2014

My Cat in the Back - A Midnight Tale

I couldn’t believe my ears. Then I heard it again; it was my cat.  There’s nothing too strange about hearing him; except that he NEVER comes in the back of the house. Well, almost never; at least not for about 3 years now. And, he has a good reason.

It was almost 3 years ago that Midnight took his celebrated solo flight attached to the talons of a local hawk. The backyard at that time was not as well developed as it is now, and many of the neighbors hadn’t even planted a tree or erected a fence yet. So, the back was basically on long open field, long enough to land a small plane on. This is exactly what the hawk must have thought when he swooped down and grabbed Midnight.

Midnight has always been well fed, in spite of his somewhat haggard appearance. He has always gotten his tuna twice daily and some dry food is always in the bowl on the porch for him, along with his water. So he has never really been a lightweight. This point was proved when the hawk was forced to abandon his dinner about 3 houses down and 20 feet up. This meant that Midnight was about to go down 20 feet. It’s all relative to where you are at the moment.

So, down he came with a torn ear; the last grasp of the hawk’s talons desperately trying to hold on to his dinner. And, until the other evening, Midnight has refused to go back there again. This is why I was so surprised to hear his distinctive meow coming from beneath an old picnic bench which Sue uses to pot her plants.

He came out when I went to him, but he wasn't keen on hanging around for long. He was there on a mission. He usually comes home for dinner at about 5 o’clock. It was pushing 7 when he finally showed up looking for his tuna. So, he came around the house and caught my ear. Then we both walked back up front for his dinner. But as we crossed the back yard I did notice that he stuck awfully close to both the house and me.

Here is a song by Steve Earle which is probably pretty close to how the hawk feels when he’s up there. It’s from the 2008 album “Washington Square Serenade” by Steve Earle. Midnight generally likes his stuff, just not this song.

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