Saturday, June 28, 2014

"Susie the Little Blue Coupe" - (1951)

This cartoon is for you Aliyah and Trinity. Grandma Sue is visiting you guys and I thought since I can’t be there myself, I’d post this for you. I also sent some Grandpa hugs which you can collect from Grandma. I wonder if you will be able to tell the difference. Love to both of you… XXOO Grandpa Robert

I’m one of those people who believe that everything has feelings. Even inanimate objects can elicit feelings of sympathy from me. Take a car as an example. We use it all day, and then leave it alone in the night, subject to the cold of winter and the sweltering heat of summer. It may sound crazy, but this has always made me feel kind of bad for whatever car I have owned. They serve me so well, yet they get treated just like any other tool; used for a purpose and then tossed aside until needed again.

That’s what really caught my emotions in this Walt Disney cartoon from 1951. The title says 1952, but the copyright is 1951, so I’m going with that date. The story begins with a man enamored of the automobile he sees in the window at the dealership. It’s almost as if she is calling out to him to take a drive, which he does.

From there the cartoon takes off, showcasing each aspect of a car’s life as seen from an almost human perspective. I had never seen this cartoon before, but it could’ve been lifted right from my imagination. Enjoy the cartoon; I’m going to take my car out for a tank of Premium. If the adventures of Little Susie are any indication of reality, then my car deserves it!

Note: This cartoon has gotten more "hits" than all of the Popeye cartoons combined. Something about this cartoon hits a nerve with many people. They seem to identify with either the car, or the driver.

We all love our cars. It's one of the only times we really get to be alone. We listen to our music, think out loud, and sing aloud, basically getting to be ourselves in the privacy of our automobiles. Some of us even eat there, right behind the wheel!

This cartoon was done by Bill Peet for Walt Disney Studios in 1951. The release date is 1952, which explains the discrepancy in dates.

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