Monday, April 7, 2014

"South of East Jesus" by G. Bernstein (2014)

The cover of Glenn Bernstein’s newest novel, “South of East Jesus”, speaks volumes about the dual nature of human beings. The silhouette depicts a man and a woman; one in portrayed in light; and the other in darkness. You can see through them both. Even the title contains a message of sorts; as if we are all a bit shy of the mark when it comes to perfection.

I don’t know whether my assessment has any validity to it, or if I have conjured up this explanation as a result of Mr. Bernstein’s tale, which explores these very questions. He does so through the character of Renny, a woman who finds herself alone and pregnant after the suicide of her husband Parker.

When an emergency terminates the pregnancy of one of her twins, Renny finds herself in the care of Dr. Thomas Ryan, a widower, and a man with a reputation to uphold. Renny, on the other hand, has nothing to lose and everything to gain as she finds herself drawn to this kind, empathetic professional.

But lines get blurred when simple acts of kindness become more than simple, and Renny stokes the fires of passion with her every move. Soon, they both face the biggest single dilemma of their separate lives. What happens as a result of having crossed those lines becomes something which consumes them both.

Steamy dialogue and fast paced writing make this a compelling read for fans of romance novels. I could hardly keep the book out of my wife’s hands long enough to read it myself, without searching for it each time I went to pick it up. This is Mr. Bernstein’s 2nd book, and I would suspect that it will not be his last.
Mickey Rooney - RIP

Word just came in that Mickey Rooney; iconic force of entertainment; has passed away at age 93. An accomplished professional in all aspects of show business, his passing represents yet another loss to the golden days of vaudeville, radio, movies and television. 

We shall not see the likes of him again; which makes you tube all the more worthwhile. For a good example of his powerful dramatic acting skills hit the following link;

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