Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Ronald Reagan and the Redistribution of Wealth

Got a piece of mail from a Republican candidate for State Senator in NC; I won’t say his name; and it opens with a very familiar quote from Ronald Reagan; a man who would be horrified at what has happened to his “conservative movement.” The quote is as follows;

“Republicans believe every day is the Fourth of July, but the Democrats believe that every day is April 15th.”

Okay, let’s examine those words. They are designed to leave the impression that all republicans are patriotic and all democrats are tax and spend freeloaders. Think about it; if you believe in using your taxes as a way to fund programs you are actually being fiscally responsible.

This is very unlike the Republicans, who wail on about the ills of “redistribution” of the wealth; all while they vote for tax breaks they know we cannot afford. Those tax breaks are paid for with the money from the social programs which have been paid for by the taxes which they are exempt from. Sounds like redistribution of the wealth to me; just in the wrong direction!

It was a slick piece of mail with but one flaw; it made me think…

For the record; I am an unaffiliated voter.

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