Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Sea Life Aquarium

The Sea Life Aquarium in Concord is about 10 minutes from our house, but the line to get in is always about an hour. So, Sue and I decided to go on a weekday evening when all the kids are home with their parents and we could be alone with the fishes. Like Luca Brasi, only alive.

It’s a small aquarium; as far as aquariums go; but it is a great introduction for the kids in the area to view sea life which they would ordinarily have to travel to South Carolina for. Of all the new large scale attractions to come to the Charlotte area in recent years; such as the NASCAR Hall of Fame; it’s a pleasure to finally have something which families can enjoy, as well as afford to attend.

My favorite part was the lobster tank. Usually, when we see lobsters at all, they are bound at the claws and crowded together like refugees from a catastrophe. Not here. The lobsters  in the aquarium are like giant cockroaches. They have long spindly legs and huge antenna. They walk surprisingly upright and proud as they scavenge the tank floor for something to eat.

The “petting” area; well that might be the wrong word for it; but the area where you are allowed to touch the small crustaceans and crabs is sure to be a joy for any kid “land locked” in the plains of the Piedmont, where Concord sits. We have streams, a river and even a man-made lake well stocked with game fish, but there is nothing which can spark the dreams and imagination of children; young and old; in the way a salt water aquarium can.

The economic impact on the local area will also be felt as the children buy souvenirs and the families retire to the adjacent mall to eat in the food court. As for me and Sue; well, after looking at all those fish there was but one thing to do; find a seafood restaurant! 

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