Sunday, April 20, 2014

"Easter Parade" with Fred Astaire and Judy Garland (1948)

Here’s another fine movie I first saw on television as a kid. The plot is extremely simple; a nightclub performer hires a chorus girl to become his new dance partner. He does this to prove to his ex-partner that he can make anybody a success. But that’s just the plot.

And, what makes this film such a timeless classic is the score by Irving Berlin and the performances by Fred Astaire and Judy Garland. After all; the real joy of this film; or any musical for that matter; is in the songs. And this one has a whole bunch of showstoppers in it.

Of course, Judy Garland; as Hannah; and Fred Astaire; as Don Hewes; are the stars of the show. Bringing up the rear you have Anne Miller; as Nadine; and Peter Lawford; as Jonathan Harrow III; who are both friends and rivals of Hannah and Don. And Miss Miller can really dance! And, while Peter Lawford gives it his best shot at singing, his strongest suit (no pun intended) is that he looks great in a tuxedo, and you get the feeling that’s how he got the part.

This is a wonderful movie, filled with one great number after another. I hadn’t seen this film in about 30 years and decided to give it a shot for the holiday. Most people would probably post the “Easter Parade” number in the review of this film. I’m partial to the song below. I actually used to sing this in the shower when I was in the Navy. The old timers thought I had good taste; though a lousy voice. The younger guys just thought I was gay!

Happy Easter and enjoy the film!

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