Saturday, December 21, 2013

"Christmas Comes But Once A Year" - Max Fleischer (1936)

Once again I am going to post a cartoon from Christmas past in the final days leading up to the holiday. I always loved this old classic cartoon in particular, and I posted it last year. I’m posting it again because it’s a great example of the quality of the animation in the 1930's. And, Max and Dave Fleischer were two of the best.

They often worked separately on various projects, though their best works are probably the collaborations they produced with the Popeye cartoons and Betty Boop series. They also made a boatload of feature cartoons like this one, which is a wonderful little story about an orphanage on Christmas morning. If you have seen this before, I hope that you enjoy it again this year.

Note: A Very Happy Birthday to my friend Eddie Ray. He's the youngest person I know …
A Picture from Israel
This is a photo of the moon setting over Massada in Israel the other morning. It was taken by my daughter who is on a trip to the Holy Land. She's 26 years old, exactly the same age I was when I made my first "aliyah". Forgive me for being so proud of her...

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