Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Elvis- Christmas Comeback Show (1968)

This was the ultimate Christmas special in 1968. Elvis had been lying about; making crappy movies for almost 10 years at this point and some folks thought he had lost his edge. Were they ever wrong! In this 72 minute special Elvis goes through every type of entertainment. Between singing, playing guitar, dancing, the production numbers and duets with Ann Margaret; this show represents the all-around entertainment which was the staple of television, especially around holiday times.

But the best part of this show; the part that blew all the naysayers away; comes at about 40 minutes into the show, when Elvis; along with his band; perform a medley of his greatest hits from the 1950’s acoustically and absolutely live. 

The drummer is using sticks on a chair to beat out the rhythm, and Elvis can’t seem to get a neck strap for his guitar. But this is the portion of the show which showed the world that he still had “it”. At one point he simply wiggles a pinky and the audience goes wild, much to the amusement of Elvis. Even the Beatles had to shake their heads to get that kind of reaction.

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