Saturday, December 14, 2013

"Peace On Earth" - A Hugh Harman Cartoon (1939)

I have run this one before, so excuse me while I do it again. The message is that important. Consider that this cartoon was released while Europe was already at war, and our country was soon to be drawn in. You would think, that after such a horrible war, we would have learned something. But, we didn't.

I love the simple wisdom of this cartoon as these little critters question why they are celebrating; and when they realize what the mistakes of the past were, they set about to make a better world.

Yet, as of this writing there are conflicts raging in about half of the world. Think about that. We don't have big wars anymore; the costs associated with them are too large. The insurance companies don't allow it. So, we find out of the way places with no real infrastructure; discounting the people of course; and lay waste to it in what we call limited engagements; as if they are matinee shows to be caught before they leave town.

We humans find more and more imaginative terms, with each generation, in order to justify killing without calling it war. In the end the little critters like these will inherit what we leave of the earth after we lay waste to it. And when I really think about it; I'd rather be with them.

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