Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Swimming Elephant

This footage of a baby elephant swimming on the beach at Phuket, Thailand made the rounds last weekend on the internet. Though it is from 2008, it is still a wonderful sight. Elephants are very special to me. For all of their lumbering size and strength, they possess; and display; a keen sensitivity which I usually associate with dolphins and whales. They’re all stronger and faster than we are, yet somehow I feel as if they look upon us humans with a bit of pity. We do such odd things in their eyes.

The baby elephant; who was on the beach at Phuket for a wedding party; just couldn’t understand why everyone was dressed up in the sweltering heat. The ocean looked so inviting that he naturally jumped in, to the delight of all present. Turn up the volume and you can hear the reaction of the people who were watching this in person.

I have seen the whales, swam with the dolphins, and even had a slight disagreement with a monkey once; but I have never seen an elephant enjoying himself quite as much as this fellow. The funniest part of the whole thing is that while the people on the beach couldn’t understand why he went into the water; he couldn’t understand how they could stay out! 

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