Friday, February 1, 2013

Alec Guinness on the Parkinson's Show - 1977

This is a portion of the interview from the Parkinson’s Show of 1977. Mr. Parkinson had a TV show in Britain at the time, and aside from David Frost, was one of the most skilled and affable interviewers around. I suppose that is why the slightly reclusive Mr. Guinness agreed to the interview at all. He was not very keen on doing them. This was the 2nd time he had appeared on Mr. Parkinson’s show, which; in itself; is high praise from one of the foremost actors of the 20th century. And make no mistake; there is a difference between an actor and a movie star. Mr. Guinness was, first and foremost, an actor.

In this first clip from the interview Mr. Guinness talks about how he has used animals as inspirations for some of his parts. The elephant story is the better of the two which he relates here; using his remarkable talents of both presence and humility to let us have a peek at his insights and inspirations.
The interview is not short on humor either, as he relates some very funny stories about both himself, as well the people he has encountered   during his career. This one is about a party given by John Wayne. I believe that the fellow he is talking about was “Swifty” Lazar.

Don’t look for this interview in the usual places. Aside from the pieces posted here and there on You Tube, the only place I know to see and hear the entire show is on the bonus disc to “Kind Hearts and Coronets”, the 1949 film in which Mr. Guinness played 8 parts, including that of Lady Agatha. His talents knew no boundaries. Movie stars come and go with the whim of the public; but true actors are eternal, creating roles which will never die. Alec Guinness was of the latter group.

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