Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Louis Jones at Charlotte Country Day School

On January 30th and 31st of this year, artist Louis Jones came to Charlotte Country Day School and conducted a workshop with the students, thus sharing his love for creating; as well as teaching; art to those who would share his passion. And, at Charlotte Day School, located on the corner of Carmel Road in Charlotte, he found an eager audience.

Over a period of two days, Mr. Jones took the time to speak about; as well as conduct; hands on advice and provide encouragement to the students. Actually, he worked along-side of them while creating an original painting of his own. The results are displayed on this wall in the Hance Gallery of the Fine Arts Center; which is located on the grounds of the school; surrounded by a selection of some of the works produced in the workshop. They are all worthy of note.

Mr. Jones work’s in acrylic are both vivid and slightly impressionist in nature. He lures you in with color, and at other times, with a sparse landscape, showing an abandoned farm. His titles are humorous and thought provoking. Clearly, this is a man who enjoys his work enough to share it with others, ensuring that the genre will endure.

Sue and I have been to the Hance Gallery before. It is always free and open to the public. Artists, and the institutions that display their works, are becoming increasingly rare. We are very happy to have displays like this to brighten our days. Art is a vital part of life. Ever since man has been drawing on the walls of caves he has sought to visually represent his surroundings.

In the final analysis, art is somewhat subjective to the viewer’s taste. To that end, art can be judged by the joy evident on the faces of the people viewing it. I walked into the Hance Gallery on a raw and gray February afternoon; looking a bit down; and in only a few minutes I was standing with a smile in front of 2 of Mr. Jones’ finer works.

To view more of Mr. Jone's work you can go to his website at

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