Monday, February 18, 2013

A Southern Snow

We came home in the driving snow on Saturday night. That is, we were driving and it was snowing. It was a southern snow; which never seems to amount to much; yet has a profound effect on us northern transplants. It brings out the Christmas in us; notwithstanding that Christmas has passed us by already. There is a joy in remembering the bite of the cold; all the while knowing that this is just a southern snow; and as such it will be gone shortly after the sun rises in the morning.

To give you an idea of the contrast in weather we experience here in North Carolina, this is a picture of Coddle Creek Church; not 8 miles from our home; just one week ago. It an be unsettling... 

But, Midnight never seems to be fazed by these changes at all; just as long as he gets his tuna!

And the next morning - all is bright and sunny once again. A typical North Carolina snow event. And did I mentioned that it thundered?

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