Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Head

Sue and I went to see the "Head" today. The "Head" is a 25 foot tall, 14 ton mirrored work of art which sits outside of the Paychex Office Building located at 3701 Arco Corporate Center Drive in Charlotte. There was mention of it in the paper on Saturday, and Sue and I enjoy seeing the things that are sometimes listed, so we off we hied to see the "Head."

Now this is no ordinary "head." It is motorized, and divided into six lateral sections, each of which rotate at random, "changing the face", if you will, as it does. That he always returns to his "normal" position is comforting in a way, though I do wonder why he feels the need to repeatedly be looking over his own shoulder. Makes me kind of nervous.

This is a work of art which was installed privately, at least I hope so, in 2007. It was constructed; sculpted would be too much of an artistic term to apply here, this is mechanized art; by Czech artist David Cerney and is known formally as "Metalmorphosis." Hey, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, and art is like that. The same piece can mean something entirely different to everyone who sees it. But it was a nice diversion on a hot summer afternoon. With the sun reflecting from the mirrored surface of the "Head", his demeanor did seem to change from time to time. I just wish he wouldn't stare so....

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