Friday, July 1, 2011

Happy Birthday Olivia DeHavilland!

This is my Happy Birthday to Olivia DeHavilland. Her birthday is today and she is alive and well, hiding in Paris, where she has lived quietly since the 1950's. Known to many as "Melanie" for her role in "Gone With the Wind", as well as "Maid Marian" in "Robin Hood". Ms. DeHavilland has said that her favorite role was her searing portrayal of a woman who is committed to an asylym after suffering a nervous breakdown in the film "The Snake Pit." The theory was that being exposed to others, more severely affected than she, would jar her back to a sense of reality. The film is painful to watch, due mainly to, not only the subject matter, but Ms. DeHavilland's spot on acting. I find the film harder to watch as I get older, though I am not quite sure why...

Anyway, this is my Happy Birhday to You, Ms. DeHavilland, for all of the fine entertainment that you have left us as your legacy. Your humble servant,

Robert at Rooftop

Here is Edith Piaf's version of the same song;

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